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Meet the blushing brides who were proud to wear plus-size gown on their BIG Day

THE wedding season is here and, for many brides, that means going on a diet and hitting the gym.

But a growing number of overweight women are saying NO to that.

They declare they will not diet for their big day, because their fiancé proposed to them when they were large.

This has led to a 40 per cent increase in orders for plus-size gowns in the last two years — and the largest now available in the UK are SIZE 54.

Here we meet big brides Lindsay, who proudly wore plus-size to wed.


‘Guests expected a fat girl in a sack, instead they got a princess proud of her size’

Lindsay Kent-Richens beams on her big day

Care worker and mum of two LINDSAY KENT–RICHENS is a size 32, weighs 22st and tells a similar story to Danielle’s.

She met factory worker Mark, 34, through a friend ten years ago and, after being engaged for five years, they married last summer.

They have two young children together.

Lindsay, 28, says: “When I was shopping for a dress, I suffered from BFA — Bridal Frock Anxiety.

“Every store I visited made me feel that plus-size brides were unworthy. But I knew my fiancé Mark didn’t view me like that — and I had to find the dress to prove it.

“I wanted to show that being fat could be beautiful. I was bullied at a young age for my weight and being in these bridal shops brought back all that.”

Lindsay said her dreams came true after finding shop that catered to her size 32 figure


But eventually, Lindsay, of Ely, Cambs, found a local plus-size wedding shop and all her dreams began to come true.

She says: “There was such a wonderful choice of dresses and I felt amazing in every one.”

On her big day, she wore an off-the-shoulder dress with cream jacket. She says: “People were shocked when they saw me walk down the aisle.

“I think they had expected a fat girl in a sack. Instead, they got a princess proud of her size.

“I now want other plus-size brides to not fear their big day — and show off their size like I did.”

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