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What are the best wedding dresses for short, chubby brides?

DEAR GOD, please choose a dress that flatters you, not one you think is popular. look at yourself at every angle. don’t pick a strapless gown made for a girl with zero body fat. you are amazing, just the way you are. do not be swayed by ‘fashion’. find something that makes you feel beautiful. and if you have hired a photographer, get her in on the selection. she can tell you if your choice will flatter you. your bridesmaids might not, your mom may not, but your photographer, she’ll be honest with you. because she knows she’ll be shooting you in situations where you aren’t posed perfectly. she’ll know if the dress tends to emphasize areas you don’t want to show (strapless gowns emphasize back fat, under arm fat, etc.) but you need to be honest with whomever you are leaning on to be your advisor. tell her what your concerns are.

if you have worries about your arms, sheer sleeves are great. if you have worries about your back, pick a dress that covers that. emphasize all the wonderful parts of your body, you will feel confident and gorgeous, and it will show in your photos.

as a photographer, if there was one thing i could change, it would be the strapless dress. even women without an ounce of body fat are constantly pulling up their dress. there are so many photos that hit the cutting room floor because it’s a cute photo, but the bride is hiking up her dress.

i’m only saying this because i believe that most people won’t tell you this. i’m not fat shaming anyone, in any way. we are all beautiful. but we are not all beautiful in the dress that society has deemed ‘ideal’. find your ideal.

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